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For most of my life, I've been involved in the arts.  The arts have allowed me to travel across the country for several years, work with Tony and Grammy Award-winning artists and even work on Broadway.  Many times in the arts, your coworkers become your family because you spend countless hours together. 

One thing that I love more than the arts (especially theater) is the holiday season. To me, it’s the one time of the year that we regularly see the best in humanity.  For several years, I hosted Christmas dinner for framily who could not get home because of the Broadway holiday performance schedule.  After dinner, I'd pass out homemade body products as gifts so that my guest had a keepsake of the evening. Friends would ask me to make them products and suggested that I sell it but I never took them seriously.

​Like so many, the life I knew was uprooted because of the pandemic. I began wondering what I was good at outside of my career because it had become so much of my identity.  Bored, I decided to whip up a batch of body butters for my family and friends, and a friend said, "Why don't you start making body products and take this seriously? The time is now!"  And Tiffany's Body Bakery was born. 


With assistance from my mother, cousin, and theater family, I've perfected my recipes and finally ready to share.  Know that all of my products are made with love, care, and YOU in mind! Welcome to the Body Bakery Family!



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